Experience the unexpected



To those who may find the bottle surprising, I must say that the most remarkable aspects are hidden inside, eagerly awaiting the chance to dazzle our palates.


Voted the number one, world’s best sommelier.



The story begins with an escape through the back door of Convention,
a fork in the road off the beaten track. On the path stands the main
character. Carbon, a dissident aesthete, who works in the purest
family tradition of Champagne. A player who challenges convention,
who always changes the rules before entering the game. A free
electron who defies the s tandards of logic.

A born experimenter, who cannot be pigeonholed into any
recognized category.

A patient perfectionist, who is eager to keep inventing, and
refuses any limits.

A champagne that defies classification, but that demands attention.

Experience the unexpected



Carbon is a challenge.
A challenge to step away from all that is conventional. The simplicity of the undertaking is matched only by its complexity. How to defy the norms and avoid the label of a tradition that has become too traditional? By side-stepping the rules, introducing a breath of fresh air and shifting the paradigm. An idea generates action, and from that action, the Carbon spirit emerges. Moving forward without a safety net. Risking mistakes. Entertaining madness. Broadening the search for as long as it takes. Wringing out the evidence. Experimenting with the unknown and innovating. The only equation that this spirit respects is the fabric of our history, a wise conspiracy between experience, technical expertise and innovation. Its challenge is absolute, as daring as it is relentless. Offering to all those who believe in tangents and alternative paths, an extraordinary experience.



1095 isn’t just a number.
It’s an irresistible urge to keep pushing, an attraction for areas of discomfort, a nose-thumbing audacity . 1095 is the long period of searching, experimentation, discussing, challenging and s trengthening of ideas. 1095 days, or three years, is the time it took to turn a dream into reality. The time t o transform raw materials into a t echnological miracle. A time without compromise, at the end of which Carbon was woven, thread by thread, in a jewel-like bottle.

Experience the unexpected



6 like carbon.

An unusual choice. The sixth heir in a long family of atomic elements. A singular affiliation. Carbon, the legitimate son of the plant world, and a close relative of the diamond. A powerful, lively design. Like a link connecting engineering with absolute velocity. A deep black. A multiple non-color, the intersection between the unexpected and deep desire.



The art of pr oducing Champagne cannot be undertaken lightly.

It requires premium quality grapes: Grand Cru Chardonnay from the Côte des Blancs, Grand Cru Pinot Noir from the Montagne de Reims, and Premier Cru Pinot Meunier from the Marne Valley. Then there is the expertise and mastery of traditional techniques, through to the creativity and skills necessary to create the perfect aromatic balance. Even more fundamental, is the passing on of precious secrets, along with the fruits of experience, and love for a family terroir: a heritage.

Nourished by a tradition and an intimate knowledge of Champagne, Carbon has taken the time to explore and reinvent, inventing an elixir of true excellence that sparkles as brightly as the bottle in which it is preserved.

Experience the unexpected



An elixir with no parallel, no reflection.

Its prologue begins in Champillon, Champagne. The starting point. Its color is untraditional. A chromatic display. Its effervescence is quit e different. A graphic, artistic performance. Its aromatic range divides opinions. Like a modern art gallery. Its taste is not smoothly well-behaved. A chiseled odyssey that challenges the palate. It’s a moment of truth, t o be experienced with each sip. There is no pretense, only absolute pleasure.



Developing the range.

Carbon trained long and hard.

Testing and experimenting with an infinite variety of plant, mineral and fruit combinations. Bringing them together, and then moving them apart, blending notes of flowers, spices, milk and brioche.

Carbon has composed and perfected these flavor combinations to find the ultimate balance for each of its creations.

For Carbon knows its range perfectly.

Brut, Millésimé, Rosé. Three distinct aromatic personalities, clear-cut and uncompromising.



A change of both per spective and dimension.

Creating an elixir that is in perfect harmony with a beautifully shaped carbon bottle is something of a challenge. To be satisfied would be unnatural. Because, for Carbon, the tasting of Champagne is an ascension. A disconnection with the ground, a pleasure that is no longer “down to earth”.

A leap in both stature and height: meet the Carbon Magnum, Jeroboam, Mathusalem, Nabuchodonosor and Melchizedek. Take an introductory flight with the Carbon 75cl “miniatur e bottle”.

The spirit of excess

Reinventing the art of tasting



A slight upset t o decorum.

The rules require that Champagne glasses adopt straight, vertical lines. But what if generous curves and spherical forms, which seem more naturally associated with pleasure, were to enter the equation?

Mouth-blown and designed by Head Sommelier Philippe Jamesse, Carbon tasting glasses are destined to draw the champagne’s aromatic development to its climax.

It is also customary for the bottles, once opened, to remain anonymous. But unlike common receptacles that conceal their guests, the Carbon ice bucket prefers transparency. A bright, crystal-clear capsule designed to celebrate each bottle, and reveal the full extent of its outrageous beauty.